About Us

Melanic Tees Coolection was created to promote self esteem through cultural awareness. Melanic Tees Coolection consist of Tee Shirts & Body ornaments.

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Our History

Inspired by the lack of keenness in Today’s modern fashion excluding the reflections of Indigenous/Melanic People, Melanic Tees is proud to present a Coolection of cool, unique one of a kind Self Expression Tees & body ornaments (coming soon!). These designs were specifically created for Melanin & Melanina Women & Girls to feel empowered and inspired.

Annae pronounced; [Ah-na-e] Padilla is the founder of Melanic Tees Coolection. She is originally born & raised in Los Angeles CA. Annae had the luxury and freedom to travel since an early age and has lived cross country including Phoenix AZ, Atlanta GA & currently lives in Chicago, IL.

She is a Sagittarius 80’s baby artist. She hopes to pay life long homage to the culture that is often replicated but not respected.

To contact Annae, please email us @contact@melanictees.com


MTV Tr3s – Annae from Evan Silver on Vimeo.