October 19, 2020 By melanictees 0

Unboxing New Tee Shirts from The Melanictees Coolection!

Tees I will be unboxing today are:

Melanificent Tee “You are Melanificent! Magnificent becos of your Melanin”.

Melanin not Marilyn “We are not Marilyn chicks but Melanin chicks”.

Hela Mela “Hella proud of my Melanin production”.

Piel de miel “Translate to Honey skin in Spanish”.

Selena Type of Melanina “Selena type of Melanina is self explanatory”.

Melanic Lives Matter “Melanin lives matter. Black and Browns are the same community”.

Made in Melanin “From the top of your head, to the sole of your feet. You are made in Melanin”.

Skin of Kin “We are our ancestral kin”.

Water, Melanin & Seeded Watermelon “The fundamentals of life included these three things”.

Unboxing Fashion Trends Video

What is your favorite? Please comment your favorite tee today! I’ll be doing a giveaway!!