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Cultural Appropriation Essay

Being born with Melanin is a lot more stressful than spraying on a tan that will eventually wash away. Melanin is a gift and a curse, a gift for those who want to appropriate it, a curse for those born with it.

If you participate in cultural appropriation or appreciation by wearing box braids, dressing in Hip Hop style and dancing to every music genre that requires just a little bit of rhythm, then you should be involved in other, more important aspects of black people’s live. They matter outside of music, fashion, hair and beauty.

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Cultural appropriation examples is widely seen in Fashion and style. This goes from accessories to design patterns, your mannerism, the way your pants fit or even how you wear your hat. It all derives from Black lives.

Cultural appropriation in music ranges from artists like Justin Bieber to Katy Perry wearing grills in a Hip Hop Music Video. Culturally appropriating braids is a direct insult when the person wearing this predominantly black hairstyle doesn’t associate or use their privilege to uphold the race in which they are culturally appropriating.

Cultural appropriation vs appreciation is being exercised when they wear the glamour but don’t show compassion to the pain that is often caused to the dominate race they imitate.

Cultural Appropriation dictionary

The Act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture. Some see his use of African Music as cultural appropriation. – Dictionary Of Cambridge English

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Cultural appropriation is more than wearing the latest trends. Black people are more than trendsetters. Black lives really matter and a non-Black person that wears a specific type of clothing that is associated with Black people should actively engage in social justice that causes rage to the Black race.

How cultural appropriation affects society for both Blacks and Non-Blacks is essentially night and day. Non-Blacks have the option to make themselves up. With natural Melanin you can’t.

A cultural appropriation explanation can easily be seen as someone showing duplicitous behavior, as their actions speak louder than their words. A cultural bandit or appropriator shouldn’t get defensive when called out. They should instead show loyalty to the people they are duplicating and setting the bar high when it comes to what they wear that’s trendy and put in their Music and Fashion.