July 7, 2020 By melanictees 0

Hair the transmission and reception of electromagnetics

Hair is my passion. Every single curl should be treated and respect with tender love and care. Just like water, and the body, hair is an electric conductive in a sense that it, too, not only carries electricity but also insulates heat. The body temperature rises which causes you to sweat. Although the sun activates and penetrates melanin through your scalp, your hair acts as a blockage by blocking the passage of heat by creating air pockets in between hair strands.

From the very top of your head, to the sole of your feet, you are magical. This magic is attributed to Melanin. Why is that you may ask? Well, Melanin is the reason for all things. The very hair on your head is made of a protein called Keratin. This same protein is found in skin, teeth and nails.

In ancient times, thick long hair symbolized strength and a sign of good health. Hair also has energy. As you may already know, hair is the antenna to life. It is believed that hair also carries emotions that are formed in the mind. Unhealthy thoughts, stress in addition to environmental pollution, and not too mention, if you use chemicals, all are in a sense trapped in your hair.

If your hair is falling out or your hair is thinning this indicates that hair has dead cells that need to be cleansed away.

Hair should also not be dry and brittle. If this is the case, this means that your hair is breaking off or eventually will so a healing routine should be implemented to your hair care. There is no such thing as hair being too thick because thick hair is volume.

Similar to how TV antennas are used for devices to receive radiating radio waves to bring in color, picture and sound, antennas in insects and humans are used in that same concept. The transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves are used to carry sound messages. Hair does the same. Hair is godly.

In the Hebrew bible, it is said that Samson lost his “God power” due to his hair being cut off by the Philistine leaders. Many mistaken that he had locs but he had braids. Seven braids to be exact. Just how numbers and symbols can be used as magic, so can ones hair.