May 20, 2020 By melanictees 0

Karol G ay dios mio que dijo¿?

28 year old Colombian Reggaeton Artist, Karol G born Carolina Giraldo has a hit song called Tusa featuring American Hip Hop Artist Nicki Minaj. Like Karol G, Nicki has too crossed over to doing songs with less rhythm required, less sophisticated inclined genre of music called Pop (which really doesn’t do them or their talent any justice).

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Musica Urban, Urban Music in English, is what they called Karol G and other artist Ozuna in Latin America. Nonetheless, videos of these Latin Trap artist or Trapero’s (as they are called in Spanish) are often, like American Artist Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, classified as Pop or Hybrid Hip Hop Artist. Why is this when the music clearly gives feel of Afro Black American Music genre not Anglo American?

Why are the images clearly Anglo when the music is not? Why does music that are Reggaeton or R&B Soul Hip Hop classified as Pop?

Is it because the songs are less R&B, Hip Hop? Is it because they are not Black Americans only, or is it because the music is less vulgar or not overly sexualized? In an interview with Karol G says, “15 years before the Latin Industry was singing Anglo music trying to get an opportunity with them”. I wonder what Anglo music. I don’t hear pop Anglo music when I hear reggaeton or trap artist music even en espanol. Yet, as you see in this video all the video vixen models predominately are Anglo.

Why are Anglo’s in music videos yet not part of the culture of the song? In Karol G Pineapple video where the ambience was more tropical, the video vixen models were culturally diverse ethnic models. And that’s how it should be. Karol G. won best video for Pineapple at the Heat Latin Music Awards and the new artist at the Latin Grammy Awards the same year. The video models and the songs that they are inclined to should be labeled properly and it’s not Anglo Pop Music but R&B, Spanish Hip Hop. I think that’s more fitting in culturally appreciating the Afro Black American Music Genre that they are cultivating and thriving in.