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Selena Type of Melanina

Selena was a beauty; beautiful, long black hair, a beautiful physique and notable for her nice wide smile and subtle lips. At 23, we lost the Mexican Tejano Singer who had just recently crossed over to recording english songs capturing a whole ‘nother demographic of fans.

Songs like I can fall in love, dreaming of you, and bidibidi bombom; were some of her popular ones that can still be heard over the airwaves bringing back memories of the one and only, Selena.

Her voice, dance moves, her style, was also memorizing and she said a trend for young Latinas growing up in the 90’s during a time we had the English version of Selena, R&B Singer, Aaliyah, & the legendary Rap Artist, Tupac. Selena was like Beyonce, a trip threat. In addition to her talent, she was also is a songwriter, fashion designer and known for her fire sign personality.

Selena was an aires, born April 16th, and her personality reflected her sign. She was the round away girl that liked hoop earrings, and costumes, designed by her, were always blinged out. We caught a glimpse of Selenas personality on the 1997 biopic starring, Jennifer Lopez, that came out 3 years after Selenas death and through her interviews when her presents was just radiating.

We like to think that we have Selena type of Melanina.

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