February 22, 2020 By melanictees 0

Pop Smoke Melanin Lyric

Pop Smoke has a song called Element. I bet if you don’t remember anything about this song,  you’ll remember the Pop Smoke Melanin lyric. “That’s not my element. I like dark skins, love her melanin”.  

On repeat, since it’s in the very beginning, “I might just hit it raw. Hold up, that’s not my element. I like dark skins, I love her melanin”.

Although, I could care less about the other references to Christian Louboutin or Justin Bieber, this one stood out the most for me because it was 3 bars worth mentioning.

The eumelanin or skin pigmentation of hues that vary in so many different shades of the light brown to the tint, to the yellow to the red.
To the auburn to the bronze,
to the deepest color of night and beyond.

Eumelanin, is the rawest form of

Eu means pleasant or true. The truest form, in the purest rawest form is the  EuMelanin to the skin. Skin is a super protector of absorption of heat and light. This energy transmits via the sun rays into the skin to absorb by way of tanning the skin. Once fully activated heat will be created with touch to skin. When the skin has absorbed enough radiation it stores the rest of the sun rays and sometimes it may overload and bring redness or worse, burn the skin. Skin is the best skin protection factor than any SPF. For the body to be able to function this way is one incomparable to any in the humankind.

Those that possess high grades of melanin are truly part of an unforbidden extraordinary race and its about time rappers like Pop Smoke pay respect to the authenticity that Melanin is. And that many Kylie’s try to duplicate. But they can’t because Melanin comes naturally baby.