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Melanin supplements and deficiency

The most important thing to Earth and to the healthy fundamentals and nutrients to the body come directly from the Sun. The sun is the number one source for all living entities. Without sunlight, all life form would not be able to exist or grow. Organisms in Humans, animals and plant all coexist because they all need the sun energy for heat, light and food. In fact, there would be no life on Earth because sun would be a necessity for trees to grow so that it could provide oxygen for life on Planet Earth.

Melanin and the sun is a beautiful union. When the body has absorbed enough sun, this is reflected in a sun tan. Essentially, when your body tans, this is the bodies own defense mechanism producing cells called Melanocytes that act as a shield for the extra UV Rays absorption. Fortunately, for some who are unable to naturally intake the sun energy, Melanin supplements were produced for them as an alternative. Melanin pills are consumed orally – by mouth. For example, vitamins have dietary ingredients that are considered beneficial in enhancing essential nutrients in the body. Those with less melanin usually have a greater desire to intake melanin pills. People that have little to no melanin have a melanin deficiency, which is a rare disorder. When the body does not produce adequate amounts of Melanin, sun screen is needed to counteract the damage that will be caused vs. the counterpart melanin benefits.

Sun screen acts as a form of protection from the sun. Due to very little melanin production, the sun causes adverse reaction to those who suffer melanin deficiency. When your body does not naturally produce enough melanin, or has very little production of melanin, your skin tends to not absorb all the benefits the sun provides. Some of the benefits of sun absorption is the most important compound factor, for a biological effect, which is vitamin d. Vitamin D helps modulate cell growth including blood cells, strengthen bones, and overall function of the immune system. Exposure to sunlight helps increase the release of serotonin which is a hormone that creates positive and focused moods.

However, because deficiency in Melanin is a form of a disease, sensitivity to sunlight is usually common. As a result, melanin and vitamin d supplements are substitutes to natures sun rays. Abnormalities associated with the absence of melanin is very light skin that burns or turns red even after a short period of direct sunlight contact. Albinism or Albinos, are those who have a mutated chromosome that is usually inherited. Pale skin, pale blue or pinkish eyes and/or eye conditions or vision problems, and sensitivity to the sun are common traits of melanin deficiency and/or Albinism.

Often, SPF, Sun Protection Factor, is encouraged. Nonetheless, not all human bodies are created equal. While some can obtain vitamins naturally from the sun, others have to purchase it.