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Melanin Owned Clothing Lines You Should Know

1. Brown Sugar and Canela

Brown Sugar and Canela

Yanna Gotay, is a Garifuna Honduran born in the Bronx, New York and the Founder of Brown Sugar and Canela. Her goal with Brown Sugar and Canela (Cinammon in Spanish) is to target strong women with strong heritage incorporating both of the languages, Spanish and English, that she is fluent in. Some of Brown Sugar & Canela favorite pieces are Afro Latina, which features the African & Central American Continent defining a crown on a beautiful Afro Latina. Another popular tee is the Central American tee which is a hit with her social media following. See more at BrownSugarandCanela.com

2. Melanin Queen Magic

Melanin Queen Magic

Nesha Nubia is from South Florida and loves the skin and curls that she is in! Nesha is the founder of Melanin Queen Magic and feels that she was put into this earth to help preach self love. From experiencing her own self disliking of her skin and damaging her beautiful hair, she realized that her Melanin was Magic and she is a Queen! Check out her tees including my favorite, all curl types are beautiful at MelaninQueenMagic.com


3. DOYOU24/7

Julie Williamson is the owner of D.O.Y.O.U, Design On Your Own Unlimited, 24/7. D.O.Y.O.U. specializes in customized clothing, shoes, accessories and even home items. They have an array of urban creative designs representing Melanin, Fresh Drip, and different tees to match your favorite sneaks. Go here to do you too!

The Crown Up Instagram

4. The Crown Up

The Crown Up inspires young girls and young kings to always keep their crowns up no matter the age. They are an apparel line but also offer crafts, and books that will keep little bosses in the making. The founder, Collen Moore became triggered to create Crown Up after her daughter, Kimora, who is also her business owner became discouraged after not winning the crown in a pageant she was a contestant in. See TheCrownUp for more!

Melanin Apparel

5. Melanin Apparel

Melanin Apparel is unapologetic with apparel that pays homage to all the power and greatness Black culture represents. From Revolutionaries and Political Leaders like Malcolm X, Rosa Parks and Huey to the love of Natural Hair and Hip Hop. Melanin Apparel focus with the brand is to bring back the Pride in being Black. Melaninapparel.com

Yo Soy Latina

6. Yo Soy Latina

Yo Soy Afro Latina speaks for all the Central Americans who want to love and celebrate being who they are. From Morenita Tees printed on soft pink tees to logo pins that you can wear to show off your Afro pride any day. The brand was created to empower Afro Latinas and represent for the unrepresented because being Afro Latina is not a movement or a trend its belonging to a beautiful rich and cultural community. YoSoyLatina

Viva La Bonita

7. Viva La Bonita

Viva La Bonita Founder, Rachel Gomez, describes her t-shirt line a Latina Lifestyle apparel brand. Viva La Bonita was created to empower Latinas to be fearless, to have strength and to have confidence. Viva La Bonita wants to redefine the word Bonita by not using it to describe a beautiful woman but instead a hard working and a good hearten one. You may find Viva La Bonita in your nearest Zumiez as Rachel is moving her respect to the Bonita all the way up. Check out here for more, Bonitas!

Melanic Tees

8. Melanic Tees Coolection

Melanic Tees mission is to promote Self Esteem through Cultural Awareness Self Expression Tees. Melanic Tees was created after witnessing countless attempts in the Fashion Industry to duplicate and replicate the original. Melanic Tees pays Homage to Melanin and the branches that spread from the tree. Melanictees.com