November 22, 2019 By melanictees 0

Ciara new song, Melanin

Ciara, new song, Melanin from the Beauty Marks Album is no doubt another celebration for the Black Girl Magic. Ciara said this was the ultimate anthem of self love. The song celebrates all different shades that our cultures represent including that “chocolate, chocolate. We killing ’em”.

Being a woman of color and hearing culturally pride written lyrics highlighting the inner and outer essence of melanin is just a different kind of vibe. Woman, no matter their skin shade can relate to this song because even though they may not be dark skin they may have a friend or relative that is.

Admiring the complexions that are so radiating like Ciara is doing with this song with lyrics like, “I’m lifting up my queens, fixing crowns, that’s my thing. Brown sugar, cinnamon, love that melanin”, is an award winning song in my book already.