November 4, 2019 By melanictees 0

Vince Staples BagBak Black Panther Remix

Vince Staples BagBak Black Panther remix touches on many different aspects of melanin. From the beautiful hue of a woman’s skin to police brutality.

In the BagBak lyrics, Vince begins with: “This is for my future baby mama, hope your skin is black as midnight”.

Night is light too. The moon provides visiblity at night. It is a natural agent stimulating vision for those to be able to navigate when the sun is on the other side of the continental. The dominating affect of melanin is largely displayed on hues such as skin as black as midnight.

The police too was mentioned in these lyrics as Vince prays the police “don’t come blow me down cause of my complexion”. Melanin shades seem to be strongly targeted by the police. Now for what reason, many don’t know because questions stop being asked after someone’s dead and buried away.

Prison systems broken, racial war commotions and Tamika and Shaniquas in that Oval office, too, was referenced. Vince maybe digging deep, but it’s so necessary.

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