April 29, 2019 By melanictees 0

Why the outdoors is good for Melanin

Everyone knows that when you step outside, and the sun is out, you almost instantly notice your mood enhancing. That’s one of the many benefits of the sun. Sunlight is an automatic mood enhancer because when you come in contact with the sun, a hormone called serotonin is released. Serotonin is a chemical neurotransmitter that send signals to your nerve cells usually when you are in a good mood or better, once you are having sexual desire.

If you are feeling a little down or upset, usually finding bright natural light will enhance your mood because of its function. Aside from serotonin regulating your state of happiness, it also regulates your eating and sleeping pattern.

There are 3 hormones that are responsible for your behavior. Those are serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins.

Below are 10 ways to find organic outdoor sunlight!

  1. Opening up a window sunrise and mid-day.

If you are at home (or near a window) pull the shades or curtains up and let the sun rays beam in! First thing in the morning, you should do this to ensure you get the feeling (and the most beautiful view) of the sun heat rising. By Noon, the sun is at it’s highest peak. Having a life plant near the window is always encouraged for you both to share that one love for the sun!

2. Open the door

The door doesn’t have to be all the way open. Crack the door open when the sun is rising, setting or at its highest peak. Even the slightest touch of the sun reaching towards your directions will help bring light to the room. If you prefer, you can install (or ask your landlord to install) a screen door to let everlasting sunlight in while it’s out.

3. Step outside on the porch

4. Step out to your yard or lawn area

5. Have a seat on your steps

6. Walk your dog or pet

7. When you are running errands or going out, park a distance away to enjoy the sun rays while also burning some calories walking to your location.

8. Drive with the windows rolled down.

9. If you are eating out opt to sit in the restaurants patio to enjoy a good meal or drink and sun light.

10. Visit a park or national park near you. These areas are some of the most beneficial ways to organically take in the sun and it’s benefits. Watching the sun set not only gives you the most warm feeling against your face and skin, but it’s also healthy inhaling natures oxygen and not to mention, the view is magnificent and so picture worthy.