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The impact of acculturation and appropriation

In 2020, acculturation, whether selective, language or forced continuous to reinforce itself into our modern live. This process is a social, psychological, and cultural change that the impact may be even greater than one could have imagined. The process of when one adopts, acquires and adjust to a new cultural environment is constantly evolving leaving erase the race as the only option for many to find a successful career path. Acculturation is similar to assimilation as both include assimilating to a different culture, typically the dominating one in a work or business setting.

Many times, despite ones own ethnic group, acculturate stress occurs in all stages of acculturation that begins to raise concern as to whether an integrated society will be beneficial to the longevity for all groups equally.

Because of Colonization, majority of ethnic ‘minority’ groups will convert to acculturate when they are in a presence of the dominating race. The impact of generational psychological trauma, as a result to Colonization, remains a global modern social issue that impact every aspect of our lives.

Depending on our current environment, we will alter our behavior, unconsciously or consciously between our original culture and our host culture. The question is, how comfortable are we to continue this regressiveness of a trend that not only cause a social breakdown but a mental and physical one.

There are four types of acculturation.


According to John Berry’s, acculturation strategies, Integration is one who maintains their own cultural identity while at the same time becomes a participant in the host culture.

Assimilation is when one gives up their own cultural identity while at the same time absorbing all of the host cultural identity.

Separation is one who maintains their own cultural identity and rejects the involvement with the host culture.

Marginalization is one who feels excluded by their own and the host cultural identity. An individual who is often marginalized are those of both races, black and white.

Thinking of your life, which of the four types would you say are applicable to you?

Describe the situation.