M for Melanin Tee

M stands for Melanin. Melanin and all it’s physical, mental, and emotional attributes. For the power of Melanin; -natural sun protector for those who have high content (the darker the skin, the higher the amount) -increased sound absorption in ears -act Read more…

The Melanin Expressive Tee

Let’s express, the most 8 important things, among many, of Melanin as Melanin plays the ultimate role in our everyday functioning.   Earth is an electromagnetic coil. Essential oils extracted from plants have Melanin. Skin natural sun protector is Melanin. When the Read more…

The Hue-man Rainbow Tee

    This t-shirt was created to connect all hueman kind. Despite what continent you may reside in, you have a connection with Melanin, Melanin is the attributing factor to what brings us together. Wear culturally, wear proudly!

About Melanic Tees

The envision behind Melanic Tees was the direct culture absence and the cultural appropriation in today’s fashion and media. Melanic Tees Coolection was inspired to promote self-love, self-esteem and cultural preservation through cultural awareness. We hope you’ll become inspired.

Melanic Signature Tee

  The signature tee for Melanic Tees Coolection was created with a tri-letter representing: MTC. Melanic Tees Coolection. The Coolection of Melanic will embody not only tees but also, body ornaments and accessories.

The Power of Melanin

I was looking for a word in the Webster’s dictionary and stumbled across the word, “colored”. The definition stated: “having color; often offensive; belonging to a race other than the white; esp. to the black race.”   Then I thought Read more…