Types of Melanin attributes

Types of Melanin attributions

Let’s go back to the origin of melanin. Melanin is studied every year at the Melanin conference because its role is greater than just skin hues. The ranges of skin pigment is just one of many Melanin attributes. At this conference, Melanin is the main subject solely because the role that Melanin plays is larger than the contribution to the skin. To this day, Melanin isn’t fully understood. What little we know of melanin is very much on the surface and it’s beyond skin pigmentation. Anyone who is of the melanin race, which you can tell by their skin, hair, eyes have Melanin and it just so happens to vary in skin pigments.

What little we know about melanin is very much on the surface leaving us only knowing thinking that it main contribute is the skin pigmentation. But if you know anything about Melanin, thus far, Melanin is beyond that. The Melanin production pathway first begins in the root core, located in the neuro center. The foundation of Melanin begins in the pineal gland that then secretes and penetrates to the largest organ in the human body, the skin. Melanin in the skin is just the surface to what we know about melanin. What little we know of melanin, is that it’s present in the hair, eyes, and skin of humans and animals. What we see in our outer appearance of the physical body is just the attribution to melanin in the physical form. However, Melanin is also emotional, physiological, physical, and plays a huge part in the development and function of the body internal organs and the neuro system.

It’s important to take these factors into consideration when judging others in the Melanin race. Don’t discredit the melanin on those that are of lighter shades of hues. Melanin ranges in over 30 different shades of dark to lighter shades of brown. Melanin is literally like a rainbow, the melanin rainbow. Hues that range from a tint of brown to a deep rich brown, it’s all Melanin. When you try to discredit those within your own of melanin, keep in mind that 95% of the world population has melanin.

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