The Hindus Festival of Colorful Melanin Love

In India,  the festival of love or the festival of color takes places every spring between the 12th and the 13th of March. The Holi Festival celebrates their cultures mythical legends like the Lord Shiva, Krishna and Radha with laughter, community unity and color.

Non-Indians and others who didn’t understand such celebration for color considered this day disorderly and unruly. Nonetheless, this festival is still celebrated by the spirits of those in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. This gay (which once just meant pure happiness) day also celebrates the colorful blossoms that spring in the fields every year around this time.

Streets are filled with as much color as possible including bodies that have been painted colorfully. This isn’t just normal spray paint either. Hindus believe the liquid abeer dye that is used penetrates into the body promoting good health and beauty.

This ‘Holy or Holi’ day made me think about America. And how our own version of a ‘Holy day’ and has nothing to do really with showing happiness, creativity or color. The very least, it has nothing to do with color and is just another plain, non-creative and almost a depressed day. Then I thought about how color is treated in America as a whole and even the very essence of what gives color naturally to humans, Melanin isn’t even celebrated or even taught. In fact, in America color is disrespected and considered the very least. I’m glad to see, some cultures, still celebrate the true meaning of love and that’s color.

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