Melanin and the idealism of it in Society

Every human that lives on Planet Earth has Melanin, despite their ethnicity. Ethnicity is a better choice of word rather than Race because everyone derives from the same origin yet, has an ethnic background whether be a Jamaican, Salvadorian, German or Polish. The whole continent of Europe is considered a white race when this is not the case. Germans are of one Nordic race with pale skin who don’t tan easily and don’t really need to because of their own countries environment while the country of Spain and Italy tan easy and see more sun beams.

Having Melanin is not either a poor quality or a lower grade. It is one of the physical matters greatest things but has not been subjected as being a superior substance for its distribution as it is found in the skin, hair, eyes and the brain on the human body. It also plays the complete role in the functioning of the body, from the brain to soul. Melanin is downplayed and made out to be wrong or foul in some way when that is the farthest thing from it’s principal. The concept of Race was taught by a German Physician and Professor named Johannes Blumenbach. who was also considered the father of Anthropology and categorizing the 5 races into colors like black, brown, red, yellow and white. The presence of Melanin is found in 4 of out 5 of these races, therefore, this also rejects the notion that black, which is Melanin, is bad.

Although, Blumenbach stayed in his home country of Germany from birth to death, the idea of his teachings, that the white race was the superior race was a guide to the New Settlers of America. His concept was that the white race was the beautiful, intelligent and chosen race and those who were not part of the white race were inferior. Many scholars like French, George Leclerc, profess that all races are really a Caucasian race and due to environmental degeneration, poor diet and the sun came these people who are the opposite of white. One of the most English influential figure in the theory of Evolution, Charles Darwin, view that Melanin people were of the undesirable and savage race and taught similar to Blumenbach and Leclerc.

Founding Fathers that are on US currency exchange like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin had slaves, adopted this mind state and many justify this legal but demeaning action, with the bible because the bible teaches that the curse on Cain would also curse his black skin descendants. From a passage in the Mormons Church, the book of Mormon, “The Lord God caused skin of blackness to come upon them”. The dark skin was God’s curse while the pale skin was the blessing.

The very presence of Melanin is universal and ubiquitous. Scientist considered Dark Matter an invisible to light matter but plays a significant role in the gravitational effects it has on galaxy’s. The universe is made up of of this ordinary and black substance. So, why again, all the detest again the dark black melanin race?

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