How the sun and you co-exist through Melanin

All things were made by the sun. All things live by the sun. The Sun is the light of the world. If the sun does not rise, we would all be dead as lifeforms could not survive. Indigenous people worshiped the sun. Because the sun was neither, evil nor was it use-less. 90% of the vitamins most useful to the human body comes from interaction with the sun. The body interacts more when the body is not shield with layers of clothing. Direct contact with the sun light heals the body and reduces the risk of many man made illnesses and diseases like heart and bone diseases like osteoporosis, heart diseases, high cholesterol or diabetes. Even pain can be reduced from this light barrier. Vitamin D, which many consume now through cow milk, would not be a needed consumption in the time when sun in taking from the primary source of the sun, that vitamins are the best organic compounds.

The Discovery Channel filmed for 10 days, Prahlad Jani, who for over 60 years, had not eaten food nor has drank water and was receiving all of his nourishment directly from the sun. The Sun gazer, Yogi Haira Ratan Manek fasted for 411 days on solely the sun and water. Western diet keeps vibrations low for Melanin people. When the body is poorly digesting, a disturbance occurs in the body and because of very little or blocked sun contact, toxic begins to build in the body and diseases eventually abrupt.

The essential nutrition, like vitamin d and calcium, which are needed for a good healthy body and bone growth are best received not from a laboratory bottle, but from natural sun contact, which is the best radiation that the body could receive. Sunblock is man made and not needed by anyone who has Melanin. When the creator created humans, the creator made them in the creations image. Hue-mans are supplied Melanin to be able to absorb as much sun radiation the body needs and release the excessive amount. The sun is the light that sustains life on Earth. When was the last time you shouted the sun out?

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