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Annae 30 yr old Indigenous Female from South Central LA. Poet, Activist, Writer, Designer + Creator.

“When I first started learning about Melanin, I was kind of upset thinking, “I wonder why this isn’t taught in school”. This should be instilled in us. Something we should naturally be aware of because we are Naturally Earthly people. We should know it like we know Benjamin Franklin and the Confederate War, the pledge of allegiance or learning about everything else that has nothing to do with our people or who we are, Melanin We should know about. What we learn alot about is Colonization. The problem is we have been around long before Colonizing a whole group of Nations was even thought of.  The more I learned about Melanin the better I felt. I felt beautiful & powerful. We live in a “Mainstream” Society that “Who is the fairest of all” is almost the motto we live by when in fact, everything we naturally have (and once brutally penalized for) is now being duplicated, cloned and superficially done artificially and cosmetically, when we have the Natural Essence ranging from skin tones to facial features (full lips, full hips, thick Melaninated hair, Melaninated brown Skin tones that the Sun don’t kill but in fact, does the total opposite and enriches it & activates it to continue living the Hue-Man life at it’s natural stage in life. Everything you see when you look around has Melanin. Do you know that? Does your kids? Ask & you will see most likely they don’t and that’s a sad thing when the only thing you really know about your self is your Sur name. What is the Origin of your being?” – Annae

Belleza, beauty is in every Melanin tone and our mission is to promote and build self esteem, self love and cultural awareness through Melanic tees Coolection. ​ღ,Annae

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