M for Melanin Tee

M stands for Melanin. Melanin and all it’s physical, mental, and emotional attributes. For the power of Melanin;

-natural sun protector for those who have high content (the darker the skin, the higher the amount)

-increased sound absorption in ears

-act as a polymer

-converts energy

-acts as a computer

-controls cyclical rhythms of all organs

-controls sleep

-controls growth

-reacts to gravity

-highest storage of information

-processes large amounts of information in mid-brain

-processes left-brain thoughts in right and left hemispheres of brain

-processes right-mind thoughts in left and right hemispheres in brain

-can tastes full range of flavor in foods

-can smell true aromas and has the broadest range of smell identification

-highest psyche ability

-highest civilizing ability

-increased memory to memory transfer of stored information

-evolve highest spirituality

-allows protection from extreme hot and cold temperatures

-allows protection from suns’ ultraviolet rays

-least amount of body hair causing heat-insulating effect of melanin

-high melanin content in nervous system

-sunlight increases Melanin secretion, melatonin and serotonin

Represent yours with this Tee!

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