The Melanin Expressive Tee

Let’s express, the most 8 important things, among many, of Melanin as Melanin plays the ultimate role in our everyday functioning.


  • Earth is an electromagnetic coil.
  • Essential oils extracted from plants have Melanin.
  • Skin natural sun protector is Melanin. When the skin has absorbed enough sun, Melanin converts the heat into energy.
  • Melanin hair is the most diverse hair grade there is on Planet Earth. There are different kind of ‘curls’ to Melanin hair and spiral or coily hair is one of them. With coily hair, you skip the products that give your hair a ‘boost’! Coil hair is full of volume (which makes for natural styling) and range from fine text hair to tight s-curls. In addition, Coil hair also acts as a hair protector
  • The reason your eyes see color – is due to Melanin,
  • Melanin is responsible for your body movement. The reason people dance and have rhythm; can do hip hop, 2 step, twerk, salsa and other forms of rhythm movement is due to Melanin
  • Melanin secretes from the top of your brain and penetrates to the rest of the body. Without Melanin, the brain or the body doesn’t properly function.

Get to know your worth! It all begins with Melanin.

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