Melanic Tees Coolection is proud to present a Coolection of Unique
one of a kind Self Expression Tees designed to promote positive self esteem growth, culturally pride and self awareness to Melaninated

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Inspired by the lack of Keenness of Today’s Modern Fashion excluding the Reflections of Indigenous Peoples, Melanic Tees is dedicated to providing our own mirror like designs to those Melanic Women&Girls who are looking to tell the World, “Look at me! I have
not gone Extinct, but Evolved!”.

What is Melanin?

Melanin is publicized as the contributing factor to what gives color to eyes, hair and skin in humans and animals. But Melanin is ubiquitous and found in all natural entities including plants, dirt, oil, trees, butterflies, vegetables, fruit, etc.

Melanin however, is much greater than that. It is considered the 3rd eye and ancient story tellers tell us that Melanin, the DNA carbon, is not only activated through Sun but also from the natural substance THC, which is found in the hemp plant marijuana/weed/ganja/herbs/green, etc. Melanin can be found in 95% of the world population & is found in the most natural creative souls on planet Earth.

Melanin & Marijuana |Tee Coolection’s Coming soon!!

Definition of MELANIN

: any of various black, dark brown, reddish brown, or yellow pigments of animal or plant structures, [so the Black, brown, red and yellow people]; especially : any of several organic compounds, dark biological pigments that give coloration (shades of yellow to brown) to skin, hair, feathers, scales, eyes, and some internal tissues, notably the substantia nigra in the brain. In humans, melanins help protect the skin against the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation, oppose to those who do not product enough melanin, therefore, they become high risk to get the number one death caused by the skin cancer, melanoma. The amount of Melanin a race and/or ethnic groups have depends on genetics. Melanin is produced from the amino acid tyrosine; albinos lack the enzyme that catalyzes that reaction, as a result the total of opposites of hues that range from black to yellowish red tints of browns. 








What is Melanin Expressive T-Shirt
What is Melanin Expressive T-Shirt $17.90 by MelanicTees |

Coils, oil, skin, hair and eyes all are driven by a Melanin Substance. Melanin is also present in the brain. In fact, the chemical melanin presents in the neuro-brain is vital for the total and proper functioning of the body. Rhythm is another Melanin attributes and for all these reasons, you should join the Movement Melanin!

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The all seeing eye rest upon the Pyramid of the East where the sun rest and Melanin concentrates. This eye is an entity that sees everything from everywhere; without hiding, without cover – it’s ubiquitous. Melanin and this eye are one in the same.

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The Hueman Rainbow chart displaying Melanin pigments. Melanin ranges in 32 different shades. From a lighter shade of brown to the deepest hue, Melanin is the hueman rainbow coloring all these Melanin brown, red and yellow colors.
Avail in Baby. kids, Women & Product Styles

STRAIGHT OUTTA MELANIN T-Shirts $27.95 by MelanicTees

This Shirt reflects the Melanin you straight outta of! Straight out of Compton inspired this tee to show pride and respect to the origin that has created you: Melanin

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Melanic Tees MTC

Melanic Tees MTC T-Shirts $25.95 by MelanicTeesThis Shirt symbolizes Melanic Tees newest logo a side ways M & an interlocking T & C, which stands for Melanic Tees Coolection

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